Jack Kolbeck with Kristi Noem at the Lincoln
County Republican Dinner. Great Event. Mark
Mickelson, Marty Jackley and Chris Nelson
were also in attendance. 


Jack Kolbeck sworn in January, 10th 2017


The Governor and his wife Linda at the
Governors Mansion, invited there for
breakfast, quite an experience!


Myself and Robert Flying Hawk, Chairman

of the Yankton Sioux Tribe who gave the State of
the Tribes Address in front of the Joint Houses.
We are also good softball buddies!



I attended the Airshow last weekend in Sioux
Falls. And what a show it was! I just want you
all to know that Freedom Isn’t Free. Our service
men and women now and from the past made
all this possible. They sacrificed their time
and many gave the ultimate: their lives.
God Bless America. July, 2016 


One of my favorite pastimes is hunting
pheasants in our great State of South Dakota
with my best friend Buddy.
October 2015 


A picture of myself and my campaign
sign on my 1974 Ford F-100 on
Minnesota Ave. and Russell St. In
Sioux Falls leading to the Airshow.
July, 2016


I had a great time at the Mayor’s Fourth of July
Parade. I got to spend the day with my wife
Muriel along with my oldest daughter Kimberly
and husband with their children Nora, Brynn
and June. We had a great day campaigning
and enjoying the lunch afterwards. Had a
great time celebrating our great nation and
our freedoms! God Bless- July 2016 

Jack Augie.png

I and other fellow Republicans along with the Augustana
Young Republicans had a great time in the Augustana
University Homecoming Parade.
What a Great Day to be an American.
October 2016.